Managing Distractions


How do you manage distractions when you have a huge task that you need to complete over the span of a few months?

Yes, I’m talking about me and my need to balance writing a book with everyday life and all the distractions that come up daily.

How do you move past distractions and keep focused on your goal?

Life Gets in the Way

I’ve recently found that life has a way of sidelining a writing schedule.

And by life I mean anything from sick kids to a really great show on tv (speaking of which, you’ll find me watching Castle tonight at 10pm), to a sudden unexpected interest in football and you “just have to see one more play”.

I’ve found the way to power through these distractions is to acknowledge sometimes your schedule will fly out the window, and sometimes you can manage to find a ten minute block of time to get a few paragraphs reviewed.

As long as a writer is moving forward, and not languishing doing nothing, you’ll reach your goal. Maybe not when you’d hoped, but you’ll get there!