Update on my next book, Tainted Dreams


I’m out of the editing cave after fixing an embarrassing amount of errors during my first round of edits. It seems punctuation and past/present tense is a struggle for me. Also, I’m pathetic when it comes to using lay/lie/laid/lain correctly 🙂

editor cat

Now, I’m awaiting my next round of edits, and even more exciting, my book’s cover!

And I’m hard at work on the first draft of my next book. This newbie author learned a valuable lesson about the importance of writing something new during the editing and promotion process of an already-contracted book.

So how about you? How are you doing? 

I’m Back…and I Brought Fun Meme’s!

friday high five

Wow! It’s been a while since I posted here on the blog, because I’ve been hard at work whipping my next book, Tainted Dreams, into shape. Now that it’s done and with my publisher, Astraea Press, I’m back at the blog and hard at work on my next book.

I’m thrilled to announced that my publisher has set a tentative release date for Tainted Dreams…May of 2015!

Which means edits and galleys are coming for me over the next two months…

Editing through a kid's eyes

Easy reading is hard writing

editor cat

How about you? How have you been?

Blogging Break

I’m on a deadline (wow do I REALLY appreciate being able to write that!) so I’m going to put the blog on a brief hiatus until mid-November so I can dive into the writing cave without distractions.

Here’s a picture that perfectly describes my twins’ thoughts on the matter…

Editing through a kid's eyes


See you in a few weeks. FYI: I’ll likely have contests and giveaways when I return, so watch for me!

Quote Friday

Today’s quote comes from Eleanor Roosevelt…

You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.

On a related note, yesterday I learned that my first round of edits will arrive early next week.


The panic is starting to set in.

Followed by the realization my twins are about to be saying this a lot.

Editing through a kid's eyes


What about you?  How are you while you’re waiting for something? 


Writing Quote Friday

Today’s writing quote comes from Steve Martin…

The conscious mind is the editor, and the subconscious mind is the writer. And the joy of writing, when you’re writing from your subconscious, is beautiful—it’s thrilling. When you’re editing, which is your conscious mind, it’s like torture.