How Did You Find a Critique Partner?

A very nice gentleman (*see below for details*) contacted me a while back with some basic questions about the writing process. We’ve exchanged emails about various aspects of writing these past few weeks, and I was able to answer all of his questions with except one…

What is the best way to find a critique partner?

This one stumped me. I told him the stories of how I’d found both of my critique partners (huge hugs to both of you…you’re the best and make my writing so much better!) and how helpful they were, and I had some basic suggestions as to how he might find one (take it to Twitter, advertise on Writer’s Digest, etc…) but nothing ever came about from those ideas.

So now I ask on his behalf…

How did you find a critique partner?

*He’s writing a memoir about his EXTREMELY interesting life, keeps to an 8 hour a day writing schedule, and has written over 40,000 words so far.

*When I say EXTREMELY, I’m not kidding. This man has lived through some very extraordinary times and has a very unique take on some very public and prominent events in America’s history. I’d say more, but I’m not sure how much he wants to divulge at this point.