School’s Out for Summer!

I have twins, a boy and a girl, and summertime at the Corbett house means workbooks and fun. In that order…


Welcome to summer, Boy Twin and Girl Twin!

IMG_20160620_112824577FYI: They’re at Sports Camp this week, and swim team starts next week, and they’ve been to our town pool’s open/family swim every day, so they’re not just slaving over workbooks. The X-Box hasn’t been turned on yet, but I know it’s coming 🙂

Girl Twin’s journal is now held in a plastic bag because she broke the spine so the pages all fell out, and Boy Twin threw his against the wall so many times I had to stop him because I was worried he’d put a hole in the drywall (the tasks they’re given end up destroying the journal, which is the ultimate goal. They got to throw it off the roof last summer.)

I’m doing the math workbook pages along with them as a refresher, and I’m sad to say I’m not so good with the long division anymore, but I did get 100% and a smiley face on my multiplication (Girl Twin graded my work)

How’s your summer going?

*Parents, I highly recommend giving your kid, whatever age they may be, a “Wreck This Journal” journal. They’re so fun! CLICK HERE for the Amazon link. Worth every penny!

Spelling Bee

I’ve taken on the task of organizing the spelling bee for my twins’ school.

I won the first grade spelling bee for my school, so I have a lifelong love of spelling, and think it’s a shame that some schools aren’t teaching it anymore because spellcheck fixes errors. However, as we all know, spellcheck doesn’t fix all errors, and autocorrect can create even more problems 🙂

What about you? Did you ever participate in a spelling bee? How’d you do? 

Storms and Power Outages Oh My!

Last week I didn’t write any posts here on the blog, which is VERY unusual for me since I’m a hard-core stickler for posting Tuesdays and Fridays.

Why no posts?

Massive storms ripped through our part of Oregon, leading to high winds, ice-covered powerlines and trees, and ultimately power outages. A branch fell through the roof of our gazebo and our backyard is littered with larger branches. A tree fell at the entrance to our cul-de-sac but thankfully it was small enough that it only blocked half the entrance so we could get in and out. All over town fallen branches and trees disrupted normal routines, and we got nearly eight inches of snow (I lived in Minnesota so I know that isn’t a large amount, but for west coasters it’s HUGE) and then a powerful ice storm hit.

Unpictured: A massive section of the branch sticking out of the top of the roof. It looked like our gazebo had deer antlers!

Unpictured: A massive section of the branch sticking out of the top of the roof. It looked like our gazebo had deer antlers!

All this meant no school for the kiddos, who didn’t mind the disruption at all because it meant “camping” in front of the fireplace. We hung a blanket over the hallway entrance and closed off the rest of the house so our living room stayed warm and cozy. To their complete delight, the beast dog slept on his back with his legs in the air between them, and even our cat pried herself from her usual spot on our bed (no power meant our room was chilly and she loves warmth) and spent time with us in a curled up ball on the back of the couch.

Huge Dog

Now, while our twins found all the disruption to be a big adventure, me and the hubby–who got the short straw and spent time outside warming soup on the camping stove–missed our power, but enjoyed seeing how much fun our twins were having. So much in fact they were actually disappointed when the power came back on.

Now the Corbett kids are at a grand total of NINE snow/storm days out of school this year. Yesterday was Presidents Day, a traditional no school day for most American children but mine spent they day making up their first “snow” day.

What about you? Any fond memories of family fun during power outages?

Snow, Ice, and Frozen Washing Machine Hoses

Today is the fourth day school has been cancelled. Last Friday, Monday, Tuesday, and now today. Tomorrow and Friday aren’t looking any better because a new storm is threatening to dump icy rain everywhere, making our treacherous roads even worse.

Our washing machine hoses are frozen so laundry is piling up, my son ran out of socks so he’s wearing mine, and we had to get a garbage bag from our neighbors because we’d run out.

However, due to good insulation our house is warm and cozy, we have plenty of food, and my hubby’s car has 4 wheel drive, so this is more like a little fun adventure than a serious inconvenience.

I leave you with a hilarious, but oh so true, picture I found this week…



How about you? Any weather concerns where you live? Are you a fan of this tub of popcorn?

Genre Choice, 69 Chevelle, and Daisies

Today I’m over at The Heart of Romance Blog.

I’m chatting about why I chose to be a writer, why I write in the genre I do, and answering a lot of other fun questions. Plus, my twins happened to wander in the room when I was doing the interview so I let them answer a question too…you’ll find out what car my son would be if he was a car and my daughter’s favorite flower 🙂

I’d love for you to stop by!


Bunch of Random Fun

I don’t really have a focus for this blog post, so instead it will be a bunch of fun stuff I’ve saved up.

How do I know it’s springtime in the Corbett house? Easy, there’s worms in the fridge for the hubby’s fishing excursions. And now the twins are starting to love fishing as well. As you can see by the picture below, the hubby taught them about fishing early.

good day 002


Next bit of randomness…

Have you ever considered books as art? Click HERE to see pictures of books that have been transformed into actual miniature landscapes.

Onto more fun…

Click HERE for an interesting article about Google+, and the potential benefits to authors.

Click HERE if you’re wondering why your blog isn’t getting comments.

Click HERE for a list of the lies writer’s tell.

What about you? Do you have any fun, random bits of info to share? Perhaps about your writing?

Weird Stuff Kids Say…Featuring My Twins

Please check out my post, Weird Stuff Kids Say, over at Moriah Densley’s blog. I reveal all the fun/weird/wowdidyouactuallyjustsaythat things my twins have said lately.

(You’ll remember Moriah as the lovely judge of the “What’s Going on Here?” caption contest, and author of Song for Sophia and Valkyrie’s Guardian.)


“What’s Going on Here?!” Caption Contest Open for Submissions

Yesterday, I introduced author Moriah Densley. Moriah has generously agreed to act as the sole judge for the “What’s Going on Here?!” Contest!

Contest details…

Leave a caption for the following picture of Moriah’s ADORABLE children in the comments section of this post.

Contest deadline is 11:59pm PDT on August 24, 2012.

Humor is appreciated, but not required. (Let’s keep it clean though)

Winners will be announced when Moriah is done judging :)

Prizes are amazing, and as follows…

Grand Prize Winner will receive a critique from Moriah of their first 15 pages of their novel, AND and a copy of her e-book, Song for Sophia, AND, a package of writing goodies (chosen by me and I always include great stuff!)

First Runner Up will receive a critique from Moriah of their first 10 pages of their novel,  AND a copy of her e-book, Song for Sophia.

Second Runner Up will receive book one of Reid Lance Rosenthal’s Threads West, An American Saga, series…Threads West. (I had a leftover book from Reid’s contest) 

The Soapster Award! If you read yesterday’s interview with Moriah you’ll know that she bribes her children in order to get time to write. This award goes to first person who figures out what happens when you microwave a bar of soap. (Prize is a copy of Moriah’s e-book, Song for Sophia)

Best wishes!

Bigfoot, an Email, and a New Pet

I usually do a writing quote on Fridays, but since it’s summertime I figured I’d mix it up a bit and share with you the actual email I sent to the dear hubby yesterday.

I must preface this with a photo showing they have little fear when it comes to animals, as evidenced by this picture of them at the local county fair. Yep, that’s Bigfoot!


Dear Hubby,

Your kids have a new pet. They found it today, asked if they could keep it, and I said yes.
I’m gonna let you guess what it is, but I’ll give you one hint first…
It’s dead.




So, any guesses as to what the Corbett twins found? (Keep in mind they are seven-years-old)