Along the Way Home

My debut novel, titled Along the Way Home, is now available in both ebook and print formats.

Along The Way Home-Christi Corbett

Back Cover Copy…

Kate Davis is intrigued when her father reveals his dream of starting a horse ranch in Oregon Territory. Settlers out west value a strong woman, and though she manages the financials of her father’s mercantile her competence earns her ridicule, not respect, from Virginia’s elite society. 

Jake Fitzpatrick, an experienced trail guide, wants land out west to raise cattle and crops. But dreams require money and he’s eating dandelion greens for dinner. So when a wealthy businessman offers double wages to guide his family across the Oregon Trail, Jake accepts with one stipulation—he is in complete control.

Departure day finds Kate clinging to her possessions as Jake demands she abandon all he deems frivolous, including her deceased mother’s heirlooms. Jake stands firm, refusing to let the whims of a headstrong woman jeopardize the wages he so desperately needs—even a beautiful one with fiery green eyes and a temper to match.

Trail life is a battle of wills between them until tragedy strikes, leaving Jake with an honor-bound promise to protect her from harm and Kate with a monumental choice—go back to everything she’s ever known or toward everything she’s ever wanted?

Advance Praise for Along the Way Home…

In Along the Way Home, author Christi Corbett unfurls an unforgettable epic romance inside of an epic Western adventure. Beautifully crafted, this debut novel is a tender journey of the heart as well as a treacherous journey of many miles. Along the Way Home is a squeaky-clean historical romance with authentic period details and deep emotion. Much danger, risk, courage and compassion will make you long for more books from this talented author. As heartwarming as Christy.”

Eve Paludan, author of Taking Back Tara (Ranch Lovers Romance series)


A breathtaking account of courage and adventure along the Oregon Trail. Travel this dangerous journey with characters you will treasure as they cope with heart-wrenching difficulties they never thought to encounter in a search to fulfill their hopes and dreams. Christi Corbett’s debut novel, Along the Way Home, will both surprise and delight.

Jillian Kent, author of The Ravensmoore Chronicles.


A dash of action! A touch of intrigue! Loads of sweet, clean romantic promise–a chick flick 1840’s historical western that will tickle young adults and ladies!

Reid Lance Rosenthal, Winner of 15 National Awards, #1 Best Selling Author of the Threads West, An American Saga series.

Available from the following retailers…


Clean Reads (my publisher)




15 thoughts on “Along the Way Home

  1. After having the opportunity to read a portion of Christi’s upcoming novel, Along the Way Home, I must say I was left waiting for more! The description and detail wrapped within each line creates a sense so deep you feel as if you were there – as if you can actually feel the velvet softness of the main character’s dress, see the carvings within the banister of her home. It will be a great addition to any readers collection and I cannot wait to read it in full!

  2. Soooo I’m not much for historical fiction but I can promise you I’ll be buying this as soon as it hits shelves! Just that tidbit has me totally intrigued! I’ll be stalking you (in the best way) to follow your progress through publishing so I can snap up a copy! 🙂

  3. I was honored to have the opportunity to read a taste of Christi’s first novel and cannot wait for more! I’ve already fallen in love with the main character and am excited for the adventure that lies ahead. I will definetly be recommending this book to my book club! 🙂

  4. Cant wait to read more! This has captured my attention and I deffinatly want to read the rest of this story. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Nice work Christi. I’ll be looking for your novel when it is published. I do expect an autographed copy you know.

  6. Christi–This is simply amazing. You have a way of painting pictures with your words. I’ve seen the trailer and read the blurb, now I want so much more. I want the whole thing. “Along the Way Home” is a home run. If the manuscript is ready it’s time to query. I don’t know where you’ve considered or if you have an agent but get ready for big things. I am so glad you found me on Seekerville.

    It seems your Kate and my Rebecca are a bit stubborn and more interested in doing things outside the traditional female roles of the era.k

  7. This is excellent, Christi. After reading the first 500 words, I was definitely intrigued; now I’m just floored. I love that Kate is unafraid of Aunt Victoria and is confident enough to say what she thinks, even if it’s outside the norm. And your descriptions of Aunt Victoria’s mannerisms are awesome! I would love to have this book in my hands right this minute!

  8. Having heard several parts of this book in our writers group, and followed Kate on her adventure, I can assure everyone that the rest of the book is every bit as good as this beginning! It will be well worth the read.

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