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I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve signed a contract with Higher Purpose Entertainment to turn A Mountain Man’s Redemption into a movie!!!!!

And I’m the screenwriter on the project!!!! (I wrote the script, adapting my book into a feature film)

I’m thrilled to work with two fantastic producers, Brad Wilson and Casey Bond, and am excited to see my words come to life!

CLICK HERE to go to the Stage 32 blog, where I’m sharing the “behind the scenes” of how I went from the idea of writing a script, to signing the contract with Higher Purpose Entertainment.


Casey Bond’s Path to Publication Story

The Path to Publication Less Traveled by Casey Bond

Casey Bond bio picIn high school and during my years at Marshall University, I developed a love of reading and writing creatively. After college, I entered the “real world” and began a career as a Claim Representative for one of the largest Insurance companies in the country. I loved every minute of working there. Fast Forward five years. My oldest daughter was born and I resigned to stay at home with my new blessing. Learning to be a Mother was at times even more daunting than learning to be successful at a career, as most young mothers learn. Juliet and I learned together and four years later, my husband and I were blessed with another little blessing. It was during this pregnancy that I became so uncomfortable that I could not sleep at night. And in those long nights, Winter Shadows was born. I finished the book in the nights when I was unable to sleep and during the days when my oldest daughter was at school. I literally wrote the book in two months.

It took longer to revise it and I went through it several times with fine-toothed combs, cups of cocoa (no caffeine when pregnant) and the help of family and friends who read through it for me as additional sets of eyes. And, believe me, I needed them. I still do and I am extremely thankful for those who take the time to read through my very rough drafts.

I sent query letters and my synopsis to several different literary agents, all with a resounding “no,” and “try again next time.” I consider the location of my publisher to be a sort of divine intervention in my life. A blessing among blessings. My uncle purchased a children’s book for my daughter. The author was a resident of our state and he had signed the book for her and placed in it a bookmark with Tate Publishing’s logo and website on it. I decided to look them up and liked what I saw. So, I submitted my manuscript to them directly. A few weeks later, I received a phone call and a contract was e-mailed to me immediately. After discussing with my family, we decided to accept the offer. I signed the contract and the rest is history.

I am thankful to my husband, my beautiful daughters, my parents and extended family, all of my friends and neighbors who have supported me along this journey. But, mostly, I am thankful to God above for his many blessings in my life.


Winter Shadows JPEGA coming of age story following Claire, a young lady struggling to find her place in the world after losing her mother to cancer. After a corrupt American government declares a pandemic and forces residents into quarantine encampments, Claire and her father, along with other members of their Church and community, go into hiding in a cave system in rural West Virginia. While coping with the losses of her mother, home, friends, sense of safety and normalcy, Claire begins to pick up the pieces of her past, finding a new normal despite the darkness surrounding her.

While adjusting to a new environment, and the group of people she finds herself surrounded by, Claire is faced with several important decisions that will influence the path her life will take. Who can she trust? Who should she love? How can she survive? Forced to choose between Ethan’s steadfast, mature love and the love of mysterious and dangerous Colin who appears. Claire learns the difference between infatuation and love. She becomes self-reliant and strong. Despite her newfound confidence, and the isolation in which she resides, evil is able to find her. While fighting against it, she reestablishes her faith in God and opens her heart to the possibility of love.

About the Author

Casey Bond lives in West Virginia with her husband and two beautiful daughters. She graduated from Hurricane High School in 1999 and received her Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Legal Studies in 2003 from Marshall University. You can reach her at:

Her website/blog


Facebook author page

Winter Shadows page 


She is also listed on Goodreads and Novelisting!


Playlist for Winter Shadows

Radioactive—Imagine Dragons

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Innocence—Avril Lavigne

Contagious—Avril Lavigne

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Devil’s Backbone—The Civil Wars

Rainy Season—Hunter Hayes

I Am Woman—Jordin Sparks

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Everything has Changed—Taylor Swift/Ed Sheeran

Last Kiss—Taylor Swift

Better Than a Hallelujah—Amy Grant

Cosmic Love—Florence and the Machines

Whom Shall I Fear—Chris Tomblin